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«Nest of spies», nouvelle édition !

17 juin 2010 No Comment

Bonne nouvelle, la version «paperback» de «Nest of spies - The startling truth about foreign agents at work within Canada’s borders» (HarperCollins Publishers Ltd) est désormais disponible en librairie à un prix très doux… Si l’anglais vous rebute, la version originale en français «Ces espions venus d’ailleurs» (Stanké) est épuisée…


Voici le texte de la page 4 en version originale !

Nest of Spies is an enlightening account of international operators conducting surveillance and carrying out costly and often deadly missions right under the noses of Canadian personnel-from businessmen with ingenious schemes to steal plans and materials from which they can reverse-engineer Canadian products, to cutting-edge Internet thieves who infiltrate government databases and burst through bank firewalls, stealing records and tracking new Canadians.

Industrial espionage has already cost our nation thousands of jobs and billions of dollars. Ultimately, the responsibility to protect our country’s intellectual assets remains with businesses themselves, but are they prepared to face the daunting task of working against a highly organized and professional foe? Nest of Spies provides Canadians with much-needed answers and gives our country’s businesses valuable advice on how to protect themselves from the dangerous and expensive consequences of international espionage.

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Fabrice de Pierrebourg